Twist Fiber Retreat 2016

Hello everyone,

Selma and I thought it would be a good idea to do a blog post about Twist Fiber Retreat that we attended last weekend.

unnamed (4)

We have just arrived at the retreat!

This was that first year that the Twist Fiber Festival organizers put on this retreat.  It took place at La Petite Rouges in Quebec about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Gatineau, Quebec.  This was a very nice place with a lot of cabins and a main lodge.

We arrived around 11:30 am and checked into our cabins.  We then went to a meet and greet and lunch in the main lodge.  Lunch, and all the meals on the weekend were amazing, man did we eat well.

After lunch, we were separated into groups and we all did mini 1 hours sessions on carding fiber and learnt to use drop spindles, make pom poms out of fur, and a session on worsted fiber blending and preparation.

Selma even got going on a spindle of her own, she is still not sure if she wants to continue, and even mentioned that she would like learn to spin on a wheel.

unnamed (5)

Selma spun for the first time on a drop spindle, I think she did well.

After we had fun in those mini sessions, we then sat down to an amazing dinner where we got to chat and meet new people.

After dinner we had the fun of joining in teams and were given the task of making a triangle out of any means we had at our fingertips and they were put together on a garland and will be presented at Twist Fiber Festival in August.  I think Selma has photos of that and will upload them.

unnamed (7)

This was a really fun challenge!!

On Saturday morning, we began with breakfast and Selma and I went on to learn to make a Magic Cake with Josee Labrie which was a lot of fun.


I ended up making two cakes, while Selma sat and knit with newly made friends.  My cake is on the right, and Selma was eyeing the one on the left, and she gave me that look, and I knew she had to have the Magic Cake.

There were quite a few patterns that could be made from a Magic Cake such as the Rectangular Stole or Scarf, Sunray Shawl by  Anna Véron of dunkelgruin designs, Linus Shawl by Annett Cordes and the Stash Buster Shawl by UrbanGypZ Designs.

I also won the door prize which was a bunch of minis.

On Saturday afternoon, there was a weaving class that neither Selma or I took as we needed to just relax, chat and knit.

Saturday evening after dinner there was a mini market were a lot of people sold their stuff, be it hand made items of indie dyed yarns.  I was there with my bags and stitch markers and did really well.


Sunday morning was the Indigo dyeing class given by Julie Asselin.  She is very knowledgeable and we had a lot of fun with that.  We dyed merino, cotton and fiber.

After lunch we took a group photo and they did a draw for a lot of really nice prizes of which I won  a cone of the Merino yarn that we used for the dye class.  I ended up with 7 cakes of 100 grams each that I will use to dye and most likely knit a sweater from.


Sunday afternoon there was a felting class but we heard it was very labor intensive and decided to sit and knit in the main area of lodge.  We did get to take home our fiber and the instructions on how to make the wet felted bag.

At the end we got to take a group photo of our banner that will be featured at Twist Fiber Festival in August.

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