Episode 105: The One That Almost Wasn’t!! and Episode 105.1: Lynne in Chicago!!

Episode with Sue and Kari!!

Episode with Lynne from Chicago!!

Show Notes: April 4, 2015

Thank you to returning viewers and welcome to new viewers.  We love doing the show and love even more the support you have given us in our adventure(s).

Sue a.k.a. Craftyknitter7 on Ravelry

Kari a.k.a. JadedKnitter on Ravelry

Episode is finally up!!

It is named this way because we had major issues today!!

So sorry for the lateness of it but the file got corrupted and I was not able to do any edits with Movie Maker, so hopefully it is all ok!!



Big Bird Socks out of Valley Yarns Hungtington in Harvest and Mauve colourway on size 2.25 mm (US1)

Maple Leaf Shawl by Natalia @ Elfmoda out of Tanis Fibre Arts Blue Label in Brick colourway on size 4.5 mm (US7)

Sue: I actually had an fo…my mini pookie….

Mini Pookies Ornament by Barbara Prime out of scrap sock yarn on size 2.75 mm (US2)

Poking Around on the Needles:


Marco Polo by Ela Torrente out of Cascade 220 Sport in burnt orange, cream and brown on size 4.5 mm (US7)

Flax by Tin Can Knits out of SMC Northern Wool Tweed on size 5mm (US8)

Diamond Cowl test knit by Ashey Ratnam of Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn Co out of her DK merino in the colourway Bar Lime which is discontinued but she has another in her shop, knit on size 5 mm (US8)


Snowbound Northbound by Annie Haas out of Valley yarns Northampton on size 4 mm (US6) 5 mm (US8)

Draw : Art-by-Ana Hand Made, has let me know that she is doing a giveaway for our members for one of her cute little Mini Zip project bag ($18USD)

Post # 80 Rav ID mamamichels, please pm me craftyknitter7 with your mailing address and which bag from her shop you wish to have, from what is in stock.

Draw for first prize in the BBSC2015 a bag by Uli who is Knitters Nook on Etsy, and a fellow Canadian.

Post # 10 Rav ID Flannelcat, please pm craftyknitter7 with your mailing address.

Draw for second prize a pattern gifted by Sarah of The Canadian Knitter podcast of up to 10 CAD

Post # 31 Rav ID LadyLisetta, please pm me craftyknitter7 your pattern choice of 10 CAD or less (Approx 8USD)


Handbrake by Dan a.k.a. ObiwanKnitterand Kay Kay a.k.a. Bryonybear of the Bakery Bears Podcast have just published this pattern today.

As soon as it was available on Ravelry I downloaded it immediately for myself and gift it to Kari and Lynne.

Dan went through cancer and treatments last year and they have created this pattern and all proceeds are going to Cancer Research.

The pattern is $1 GBP, so under $2 US or CAD

Prompt: To try to stay positive for all who suffer from this illness we are asking:

What is something good that came out of having to go through the process of this for you or someone you know?


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