Episode 89: Babble Much!!

Show Notes: December 6, 2014

Thank you to returning viewers and welcome to new viewers.  We love doing the show and love even more the support you have given us in our adventure(s).

Sue a.k.a. Craftyknitter7 on Ravelry

Kari a.k.a. JadedKnitter on Ravelry

Lynne a.k.a Tollbaby on Ravelry



Barn Raising Blanket Square out of Blue Moon Fibre Arts in the Hobbit Garden colorway (with silk) on size 2.75 (US2). Pattern is by Larissa Brown and Shelley Mackie out of Knit Along book


HO: A mitten Basic Children Mitt by Elizabeth Durand out of Schachenmayr SMC Colourful #80 on size 5mm (US8)


HO: Maagha Mitts by Heather Desserud out of Lhasa Wilderness in cream and fraser ridge colorways on size 2.25 mm (US1)

Poking around on the Needles:


Vanilla sock- Basic Ribbed Sock by Kate Atherley out of Lollipop yarn Urban Myth colorway on size 2.75 (US 2)

Barn Raising Square out of Estelle Cadenza yarn on size 2.75 mm (US2). Pattern is by Larissa Brown and Shelley Mackie out of Knit Along book.


Skye’s poncho, based on the Stolen Moments Wrap by Amy Swenson, knit out of Patons Melody in High Energy on size 15mm (US19) needles.

Flax sweater by Tin Can Knits out of Patons North America Canadiana Solids on size 4mm (US6) 5mm (US8)

Socks for Rob, Sock Recipe: A Good, Plain Sock by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee out of Spud and Chloe yarn in teal on size 2.5 mm (US1.5). She made great progress but forgot the socks at the office so could not show them.


Hat she is designing out of Cascade Heritage and Lorna’s Laces yarn, a gift for a friend, knit on size 2.5 (US1.5) and 2.75 (US2)

Product Review:

We reviewed a new product that was sent to us by Claudia from Fiber to Fabric on Etsy. These are for circ needles and help protect the needles when you put them into your project back. She designed these to help from having her wooden needles snap. They are a very good price and I think every knitter should have 1 or 5!!

needle keeper.jpg

needle keeper2.jpg

Gift Along: We are doing a pattern gift along, see the ravelry group for more details if you would like to participate. No shipping involved so really easy to participate.

Stash Enhancements:

Lynne bought some mini skeins sets from Astraea Meris on Etsy!


Sue found 2 new Canadian podcast to watch which she enjoyed quite a lot.

The Canadian Knitter Podcast with Sarah a.k.a. TrueCanuckGirl who is from the Toronto area, very fun and her husband knits too and I hope he makes an appearance.

Knitting in Stitches Podcast with Moira a.k.a. moclell from PEI, very funny and she did some out takes at the end of the first episode which were quite funny, I look forward to watching more.


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