Episode 43: Hey Ana

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/iIgtg5OIQwA?p=1 width=”480″ height=”390″]

Show Notes: June 15th, 2013

Thank you to returning viewers and welcome to new viewers.  We love doing the show and love even more the support you have given us in our adventure(s).

Sue a.k.a. Craftyknitter7 on Ravelry

Kari a.k.a. JadedKnitter on Ravelry

Lynne a.k.a. tollbaby on Ravelry


Sue: Vanilla socks out of Biscotte & Cie yarn in the Felix base, no colorway and knit on 2.5    (US 1.5) Dyakcraft needles.

Kari: Designing a shawl with Art by Ana Party Cake on 3.5mm (US4)

Poking around on the needles:

Sue: Paloma by Kim Hargreaves out of Estelle Yarns Young Touch DK on size 2.75 (US2) for the bottom rim and 3.25 (US3) Dyakcraft needles.

Kari: Designing a tank top in Louet EuroFlax on 3.25 (US3), she has one test knitter on the go now, if you want to test knit any of her designs send her a private message on Ravelry.

Wheelin on

Sue took a Gaining Control spinning class with her wheel and found it to be very helpful.  It was via the the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild.

Stash enhancements:

Sue: N/A

Kari: Party Cake form Ana (ArtbyAna)

Lynne: Project bag with the cutest owls on it by Ana (ArtbyAna)

For our friend Krystal a notions bag with puppies on it , also by Ana (ArtbyAna)

Other Things:

Name Kari’s Tank top, see the thread in our Rav group for details

Sue’s Birthday KAL/CAL, seems to be going well and am loving the progress pictures

500 Member Giveaway, we will be drawing for prizes mostly likely next week!

Thank you to The Knit Girllls for pimping our show, WOOT!

See you next week, Happy knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving etc….


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