Episode 26: Take 4

Show Notes: February 2nd, 2013

Thank you to returning viewers and welcome to new viewers.  We love doing the show and love even more the support you have given us in our adventure(s).

Sue a.k.a. Craftyknitter7 on Ravelry

Kari a.k.a. JadedKnitter on Ravelry



Sprouting socks by Beata Jezek on 2.25 mm (US 1)in Mad Tosh Sock in the Golden Hickory colorway.

Sue: Wearing Multnomah Made out of Haunted Vineyard yarn by Cloudlover.

Poking around on the Needles:

Kari: Icarus Shawl by Miriam Felton in Estelle Yarn Super Alpaca on 3.25 mm (US3).

Insanity a.k.a. Queen Susan Shawl in Gossamer Web yarn

EvenStar Shawl is by Susan Pandorf.  It is knit out of Fleece Artist in the Saldahna Two colorway on 3.25 mm (US4) signature needles. Decided not to add beads after all.


Vest out of Estelle Yarn Ultra Alpaca on 5mm (US8)

Up next Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief

Wheeling on!

Sue: Knittyandcolor braid in the Bloodlust colorway!

Kari: Knittyandcolor batt in the “as Kari calls it Clown Barf but gorgeous”

Other things:

KAL/SAL/CAL with Knittyandcolor and details will be posted in our Ravelry Group. Orders are arriving and we are excited!

Giveaway: You can win this Cloudy Day collection.  Please respond to this thread with what is your favorite yarn from their line and what you would knit with it! Sweet Paprika Designs.  This contest will run for two weeks and the winner will be chosen on Feb 9th!


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