Episode 5: Twist

Episode 5: Twist

Show Notes: August 26, 2012

Thank you to returning viewers and welcome to new viewers.  We love doing the show and love even more the support you have given us in our adventure(s).

Sue a.k.a. Craftyknitter7 on Ravelry

Kari a.k.a. JadedKnitter on Ravelry

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Kari: Color Affection knit out of MadTosh in colorways Parchment, William Morris and Nebula on size 4.o mm (US6)

Sue: Medano Beach bag knit out of Knit Picks Dishie in the colorways Swan and Ivy on size 4.0 mm (US6)

Poking around on the needles:  We are only showing what we have worked this week!


Falling Leaves Socks, almost done the second sock.  This is knit out of Araucania Ranco Multi on size 2.25 mm (US1) needles.  The pattern is written for the most part but just a few tech edits remain.  Test knitters required, check out on Rav or PM her to see if she still needs someone.  Thanks for all the poking on Rav and in person everyone!

EvenStar Shawl, is knit out of Fleece Artist in the Saldahna Two colorway on 3.25 mm (US4) signature needles.


Socks on a Plane  by Laura Linneman in Three Irish Girls Adorn sock yarn in the Brighton colorway on size 2.5 mm (US1) needles.  I am knitting this as part of the Knit Me Happy Ravelry Group Aug/Sept sock KAL.  If you have not yet watched Rachel’s podcast you should go on over, she is a really talended lady and has kitties and puppies as part of her show…they are awesome!

On the Wheels:


Still spinning the Ashford Merino silk. Bought a braid from our friend Amanda who is nightandday on Ravelry who also has an Etsy shop Wayside Weeds and Wool.  She had amazing dyed yarn and roving as well as gorgeous patterns.

Sue:  Kari had to help me adjust the wheel as it was set to spin lace when she had it and I do not spin lace…well right now I am only spinning corkscrews….but hopefully the adjustment helps.

Road trip = Stash Enhancements!!! YAY

We went to the Twist Fibre Festival this weekend and had a great time taking a class from The Yarn Harlot herself on Kntting with Speed and Efficiency.  It was a great class and she does a great job.

It was the first year for this festival and it was packed with local vendors and we got some amazing stuff.


Braid from Wayside Weeds and Wool (linked above)

The Black Lamb, 2 skeins of yarn.

Indigo Dragonfly, 1 skein of yarn.


Biscottie & Cie, 2 skeins of self striping sock yarn.

100 Member Giveaway Draw:

Our winners are:

glittergirl94, Melinda won a set of my snagless stitch markers in the colour of her choice.  Please PM me your choice and address and I will get those out in the mail.

moogoo11, Kim won a giftable pattern of up to $5 from Kari.  Please PM Kari and let her know your pattern choice and she will gift it to you.

Our next giveaway will be at the 200 Member mark.

Thanks for watching and see you next week!


Episode 4: Between Roadtrips

Welcome to new viewers and welcome back to those coming back again.  We thank you for taking time to watch us as we have fun showing of what we like to do.

Kari a.k.a. JadedKnitter on Ravelry

Sue a.k.a. craftyknitter7 on Ravelry

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Show Notes:


Sue: Basic Ribbed Socks are finally done. Pattern is by Kate Atherley and knit out of ALWO Stompfwolle in colorway is 09 which is a blue-green.

Kari:  Pineapple Bag is done and it is so cute.  Pattern is by Franklin Habit and knit out of Knit Picks Gloss Lace in the Dandilion colorway and Knit Picks Shadow in the Forest Heather colorway.

Poking around on The Needles


Just cast on Socks on a Plane by Laura Linneman for the Knit Me Happy sock KAL for Aug/Sept.  Yarn is Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in the Brighton colorway.

Color Affection is driving me nuts, have second color (Choc Brown) on and it melds too much with the first color (Ranco Multi) so I am removing that and using the green (Cantrix) instead for the second color.  It is knit on 4 mm (US6) needles.

Medano Beach bag is getting close to completion.  I am working on the final bag section then onto the straps.  It is knit out of Knit Picks Dishie in the Swan and Ivy colorway on 4.0 mm (US6) needles.

Boneyard Shawl has not been touched.  It is out of Sirdar County Style DK and Sirdar Snuggly on 5 mm (US) needles.

Riverbed Socks have been lonley as well, I am at the heel flap of the first sock but I need to be sitting as I am new at using charts so it takes my full concentration.  It is knit out of ArtByAna Dreaming DK yarn which is a local dyer.  They are knit on 2.5 mm (US).

This pattern is designed by TGail Designs and she has offered members of our group the pattern for free until August 31st.  Use the code 2Tangled to get your free copy.


The Queen Susan Shawl, a.k.a. Insanity Shawl is coming along.  Kari took a class with the designer while at stitches and he gave her a few tips and she is knitting it faster now.  It is being knit out of South West Trading Company Infinity Lace yarn.

Falling Leaves socks,  Kari sat up one night after Stitches writing out the pattern, Thanks you to everyone who “poked” her as she asked because it is very near completion.  They are knit in Araucania Ranco Multi yarn on 2.25 mm (US1).

Color Affection is almost done, she was missing the last bit of yarn to finish it while in Chicago.  She was on a race with Soho30 (Sarah) to finish but Sarah ended up having to rip section 3 out completely….YIKES!

Even Star Shawl was cast on as soon as we got home from our trip.  Kari actually met Susan Pandorf.. FAN moment for Kari in a big way!  It is being knit out of Fleece Artist Saldanha Two on 3.25 mm (US3).

On the Wheels:

Kari:  Bought a new wheel at Unravelled in Merrickville ON.  She is currently spinning Ashford Silk Merino Silver Fiber which is an 80/20 Merino/Silk blend in the Pamegranate colorway.

Sue: I am currently spinning corkscrews….I guess every spinner has to start somewhere…YIKES!


Twist Fiber Festival Aug 25-26 where we are both taking classes with the Yarn Harlot YAY!

Sarah (Soho30), Lyn (Tollbaby), Kari and I are going up on the Sunday as Lyn and I have a class but Sarah and Kari are going up on Saturday for Kari’s Class and Sarah is bringing her loom up for advice and of lessons.

Janie H Knits – Aug 27-29 Yarn Harlot classes:  Lyn, Sarah and Kai have classes.

Janie is closing her store after being open for 6 years.  She has a huge sale on and most things are at 40% off.  It is well worth the trip to Perth.

Mississippi Mills Textile Museum Fibrefest Sept 8-9 in Almonte, ON
See you all next week and happy knitting and spinnng!


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Should be fixed!  Let me know if you have any more issues viewing!

PS: from what I understand the show on iTunes is working, so if you want to wander over there you can see it tonight!

Better late then never!  Here is our Stitches haul.

Stitches was amazing…here are the links to the vendors we bought from.

Knitting Rose Yarns


HiyaHiya North America

Miss Babs

Pawley Studios

Fairy Yarnmother

Signature Needle Arts

S & S Camelid Co.

Episode 2: T minus 3 days!!

Episode 2: T minus 3 days!!

Show Notes: August 5th, 2012

Two Tangled Skeins  knitting podcast

Kari a.k.a. Jadedknitter on Ravelry

Sue a.k.a. Craftyknitter7 on Ravelry

We would like to thank all those who watched our first episode and thank you for coming back.  Welcome to any new viewers.



Riverbed Socks by our friend Teresa TGail Designs.  Knit with Knit Picks Stroll Sock in Tidepool, on  2 circs size 2.25 mm (US 1).

Sue: My almost FO….Basic Ribbed Socks which are now a WIP once again.

Poking around on the needles


Damask shawl by Kitman Figueroa, knit with Fleece Artist Merino 3/6.  This is knit on 4.0 mm (US 6) needles.

Color Affection by Veera Valimaki, knit with MadTosh/Tosh light in Parchment,  William Morris and Nebula colorway. This is knit on 4.0 mm (US 6) needles.  This shawl was complete last week but Kari made a mistake in the pattern and could not live with it.  Something I adopted from my close friend Selma, if you can live with it keep going and if you cannot, frog it.  I have used that line whenever I question myself about a pattern I am doing.

Falling Leaves by Kari on Araucania Ranco Multi (no colorway on tag).  This is knit on 2 circs 2.25 mm (US 1) needles.  These are being made for our close friend Sarah a.k.a. Soho30 on Ravelry


Color Affection by Veera Valimaki, knit with Chocolate Truffle sock yarn dyed by our very own Amanda nightandday on Rav and Wayside Weeds & Wool on Etsy.  Araucania Ranco Multi and Cantrix Sock yarn.  This is knit on size 4.0 mm (US 6) needles.

Riverbed Socks by Teresa at Tgaildesigns, knit with ArtByAna Dreamin DK yarn which is on clearance on her shop.  This is knit on 2.75 mm (US 2) two circs at a time.

If you are a part of our group on Ravelry, you can download this pattern for free using 2Tangled for the Coupon Code.  It is available until August 31st and is a really great pattern.



Continuing to spin Hanks in the Hood that she bought at Knit Picks.


Last week I was using a spindle but this week I had my first try on a wheel and I think Kari has created a MONSTER.,…I am spinning Organic Merino and after only 15 minutes on the wheel I am hooked.

Kari has purchased a Bee and will be loaning me her wheel until I purchase my my own.

Other News and Events:

Stitches MidWest: T – 3 days to , and we are so very excited to be going up with Lynne a.k.a. tollbaby on Ravelry.  We are taking classes, going to go crazy over yarn and fiber and bags…and…and……squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

We will record Episode 3 while in Chicago and may even have some bits from the convention itself.  We hope to do some sight seeing while we are there….but you know how yarn can distract…..

Twist Fibre Festival: August 24-26, 2012 where both Kari, Lynne and I will be taking a class with the Yarn Harlot.  There will be a lot of local talent out there so if you are free you should check it out.

That is it for this week, so happy spinning and knitting and see you next time.